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Holiday Angels


Holiday Angels is an emergency assistance program to reach families with the greatest need during the Christmas holidays. Holiday Angels work with other family service providers to help support a maximum number of clients while working to limit duplication of services.  Sponsors include church groups, clubs, businesses, families, and individuals.  MPP assists young children and elderly over sixty-five, and special needs adults through the Holiday Angels program. This program is self-supporting and operates solely with donations and sponsors.  All monetary donations, toys, and other donations go directly to needy families.

Holiday Angels applications are taken during November for both applicants and sponsors. Eligible applicants are matched up with sponsors starting in early December.  

Eligible families must provide valid proof of all household income and meet Federal Poverty guidelines. For more details, contact MPP at (828) 524-4471.

Back to School Angels

Started in 2003 by Head Start parents and staff, Back to School Angels has distributed over 600 free backpacks to kindergarten-bound Head Start children. The objective is to help low-income Head Start families with backpacks and basic school supplies for their children transitioning from Head Start to Macon County Public School kindergarten classrooms.  Children receive a free backpack filled with age-appropriate school supplies (as funds allow) so they are prepared for their kindergarten learning experience. 

Back to School Angels accepts monetary donations and in the past, various community groups have donated filled backpacks and school supplies as part of their outreach efforts.

Back to School Angels is self-supporting and receives no federal/state funds for the project. For more details contact MPP at (828) 524-4471.


Project Love


The purpose of Project Love is to bring sustainable resources and education about woman’s health and hygiene to residents in our community.

Macon County Information:
• 25.2% of children, under the age of 18 live in poverty
• 51.9% of the population is female and 16.46% are living below the poverty threshold
• 60% of those surveyed have experienced a diaper need in the last 6-months, causing them to struggle to have enough diapers to keep their children clean and dry.
• 70% of women surveyed, stated that they have experienced feminine hygiene supply needs or shortages.
• 20% of women have had to leave work or missed school due to lack of supplies.

The need for diapers and feminine hygiene products does not go away during a pandemic, instead due to a variety of reasons, including a shortage of supplies and materials, this need becomes greater.

MPP and our community partners are dedicated to helping bring equality for all women. If you are interested in finding out how you can help, please consider donating:
• Diapers (all sizes)
• Unscented Wipes
• Tampons (all sizes)
• Pads or Pany Liners

Monetary donations are accepted. All donations can be dropped off at 82 East Orchard View Lane, Franklin NC 28744.

If you have any questions, regarding Project Love or need help with diapers or feminine hygiene products, please call 828.524.4471.

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